Print Cash App statements [Steps]

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Cash app users will be glad to know that following easy steps can help one to download the statements effectively.

How to print your Cash app statement?

In order to print your cash app transaction, you need to use the Laptop or Computer.

You can easily access the cash app statement on your personal computer with the steps mentioned below.

  • Log in to the Cash App account on your personal computer or laptop.
print Cash app statement
  • On the left side panel, you will see an Activity tab; click on the tab.
print Cash app statement
  • On the right corner of the panel, you will come across the download tab; click on it.
print Cash app statement
  • After downloading, you can observe your records with a format of Month, date, time, and amount in CSV format downloaded in the Download folder.
print Cash app statement
  • Open and check your record and then press on the Print tab to print the cash app statement.
Steps to print cash app statement

Why to save transaction data?

We all want to save the data relating to monetary transactions, basic trends, active clients, and so on. Saving monetary data provides considerable benefits, such as:

  • Easy to track the progress of your business.
  • Can work as an asset on Financial Statements.
  • Moral boosting

How to save Cash App transaction history?

You can save the transaction history at Cash App.

The steps mentioned below helps to understand how to save cash app statement transaction history:

  • Log in to your cash app account using your personal computer.
print Cash app statement
  • Click on the Download tab available on the top right of the home screen.
print Cash app statement
  • Open the downloaded file and use the CTRL+P command or print tab and change the operation by using the command box option and set it to PDF and click “Ok”.
print Cash app statement
  • Now, enter file name and choose a destination; moreover, select the file format, if you require other than PDF format, tap on the “Save” button.
print Cash app statement


With this article, you have enriched yourself with the idea of how to print cash app statements, and we covered how to save and why to save transaction history on cash app statements. Additionally, you can use this application with integrity as the data is transferred in an encrypted form. The application uses all of the rounds to make your payment and your journey with the application secure.


Can we access and print monthly statements on Cash App?

Yes, you can access your cash app statement monthly; read below to understand how to do it.
In order to access, your monthly statement follows the steps below:

        1: Click on the profile icon on your Cash App home screen.
        2: Click on the Personal button.
        3: Now scroll down to Documents
        4: Now click on Monthly Statements
        5: Select the Month you want access for.

How Can Cash App transactions be traced?

No,Cash App transactions can never be traced; however, the data can be seen only by you or anyone who has access to your account.

Can we get a statement from Cash App?

Yes, each Cash app verified and non-verified user can access their cash app statements. The Cash app statement consists of each transaction made by the user, it also consists data of sells and purchase data of stocks and bitcoin.

Is Cash App a type of Bank?

Yes, Cash app is a virtual bank and it functions similarly to a Bank.

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